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community service

Education Committee

The Education Committee of The Accountability Initiative is dedicated to reducing acts of racism and discrimination in schools, promoting a diverse and inclusive curriculum, and providing mentorship to high school students in the tri-state and beyond. Below are some of the projects we've worked on.


Anti-Discrimination Project

In TAI's first project, we sought to address discriminatory incidents that had been occurring in the North Brunswick school district as well as the lack of access and knowledge of school resources to students of color.


School Punishments Project

For our second project, we wanted to explore whether discipline given throughout the North Brunswick School district impacted students of color differently than others, and if so, what we could do about it.

TAI Panel-1.jpg

College Advice Panel

In the Fall of 2022, TAI's Education Committee established a College Mentorship Panel. The purpose of this group is to go to high schools in the community and provide students with advice on applying to college, adjusting to college life, and more.

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